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Diploma In Elementary Education

Code : MQA PA14578

A Begining For A Lifelong Learner In Education.

Elementary school is where it all begins. The first introduction to the subjects a child will be learning for years to come. Elementary Education Program is an upgraded booster for future educators who like to change the atmosphere in teaching including setting the groundwork for a child’s success years later, both behaviorally and academically. Raudhah College offers this special program to those who are keen to choose education as a career. Future educator graduates that felt knowing they are laying the foundation of children’s future.

“Enroll now and be a member of the most important profession in the world!.
An Elementary Education Diploma program via blended learning approach.
Full Time 2 ½ years program
Smart partnership with private and international school for experiential learning exposure.
Flexible class schedule for teacher in service.
A direct contact with your online instructor via e – Learning System
Perfectly laid out contents with an Islamic and International curriculum references fit for private elementary school.
 A wide range of learning strategies that will assist you in achieving your profesionalism as a qualified elementary teacher for international school.tential as a qualified elementary teacher for international school.

Why Raudhah College

Job placement guaranteed

Courses are conducted based on “hands-on” knowledge

Industry-Experienced Graduate

Opportunity to generate part-time income

10% student discount for every product in Malakat Mall

Additional professional certification (optional)

 Offering a comprehensive Academic Ecosystem:

-Malakat ECO
-Raudhah College (as Education Center)
-Brainy Bunch Education Group (Industrial Player)

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Dream Educational Institutions

1) Strategic location in MSC status city

2) Location next to the lively Malakat Mall

3) Accommodation for student families in Malakat Residency
*special price

4) Graduate with the added value of entrepreneurship in practice.

5) Near Putrajaya Sentral, 6.1KM (8 minutes), access to public transport center to all locations

Dream Learning Atmosphere

1) Accommodation within the campus (80m)

2) Industrial training opportunities in the Brainy Bunch center & Tadika Rakyat

3) Opportunity to earn extra income at Malakat Mall

4) 10% student discount on all vendors/products in Malakat Mall

5) ADAB Centered-based learning system

SPM Leaver

  • Possesses Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) with at least three credits in any subject and a pass in Sejarah or equivalent; OR
  • A pass in Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) or its equivalent, with a minimum of Grade C (GP 2.00) in any subject or its equivalent; OR
  • A pass in Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia (STAM) with a minimum grade of Maqbul or its equivalent; OR
  • A pass in Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) (Level 3, MQF) in a related field and hold an SPM with a minimum of one credit or equivalent; OR
  • At least three principal passes (minimum Grade D) in the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE ‘A’ Level) Examination (UK Educational System) obtained in one sitting, OR
  • Other qualification or equivalent approved by the Government of Malaysia;

Language Proficiency

  • International English Language Testing Services (IELTS), a minimum overall academic band score of 5.5, OR
  •  Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) at a score of 550, or higher is required, OR
  •  Test of Malaysian college English Test (MUET) at a score of academic band 4.0, OR
  •  Provide proof of the required level of English proficiency as evaluated by RC.
  • Students who do not meet the criteria will be undergoing RC Intensive English Programme (IEP) to ensure that they meet the eligibility requirements.

2 Intakes Per Year

  • July
  • November

Year 1 (Sem 1) – 15 credits

– Malaysian Studies 2

– Al – Quran & Hadith

– Principle of Education

– Introduction to Sociology of Education

– History and Philosophy of education

Year 1 (Sem 2) – 18 credits

– Curriculum Development and Instructions

– Educational Psychology for Teaching and Learning

– Introduction to Comparative and International Education

– STEAM Education

– Guidance and Counseling for Children

– Teacher Ethics and Professionalism

Year 1 (Short Sem 1) – 10 credits

– Personality Management / Bahasa Kebangsaan A

– ADAB and Holistic Development

– Islamic Psychology in Teaching

– Teacher and Current Challenges

Year 2 (Sem 3) – 15 credits

– Instructional Strategies for Elementary Education

– Assessment for Learning on Elementary Education

– Prophetic Pedagogy

– Mathematics Education: Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Assessemnt

– Language and Literacy Education: Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Assessment

Year 2 (Sem 4) – 15 credits

– Using Technology for Elementary Education

– Interpersonal and Classroom Communication Skills

– Spiritual and Moral Development for Primary Education

– Creating and Managing Effective Learning Environment

– Active Learning Strategies

Year 2 (Short Sem 2) – 10 credits

– Basic Entrepreneurship

– Community Service

– Character Building Program

– Action Research

Year 3 (Sem 5) – 7 credits

– Practicum in Elementary Education

Total Fees

Total =  RM 18,750

  • Registration – RM 750
  • Tuition fee – RM 18,000

Fee Structure Table: https://raudhahcollege.edu.my/fee-structure/

Alumni (3pax)

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  • Elementary teacher
  • Learning mentor
  • Primary school teacher
  • Special educational needs teacher
  • Social worker
  • Teaching assistant
  • Home-school coach

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  • Alia (019-2621878)
  • Akma (013-4051915)



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