Raudhah College

Diploma In Hospitality Management

Halal Culinary Art


Why Raudhah College

Job placement guaranteed

Courses are conducted based on “hands-on” knowledge

Industry-Experienced Graduate

Opportunity to generate part-time income

10% student discount for every product in Malakat Mall

Additional professional certification (optional)

 Offering a comprehensive Academic Ecosystem:

-Malakat ECO
-Raudhah College (as Education Center)
-Malakat Food (Industry player) -Malakat Mall (Industry Center)

Free Structure

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Dream Educational Institutions

1) Strategic location in MSC status city

2) Location next to the lively Malakat Mall

3) Accommodation for student families in Malakat Residency
*special price

4) Graduate with the added value of entrepreneurship in practice.

5) Near Putrajaya Sentral, 6.1KM (8 minutes), access to public transport center to all locations

Dream Learning Atmosphere

1) Accommodation within the campus (80m)

2) Industrial training opportunities in the Brainy Bunch center & Tadika Rakyat

3) Opportunity to earn extra income at Malakat Mall

4) 10% student discount on all vendors/products in Malakat Mall

5) ADAB Centered-based learning system

SPM Leaver

  • Pass SPM / SPMV with 3 credits in any subjects
  • Pass Bahasa Malaysia & Sejarah (E and above)Any other equivalent qualifications recognized by the Malaysian Government

Language Proficiency

15 Months

Total Fees

Total = RM 20,000

Fee Structure Table: https://raudhahcollege.edu.my/fee-structure/

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  • Alia (019-2621878)
  • Akma (013-4051915)



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