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What is HealthPreneur ?

HealthPreneur is short for Health Entrepreneur where Doctors can also be known as to become an entrepreneur. For the first time, Raudhah College is collaborating with Malaysia Medical Consultant (MIMAC) to guide all the doctors out there on how to RUN & MANAGE your own clinic. In this program, you are guided with all our business module with our best trainers in 4 months’ time. We welcome you to join our fast-track program and embrace your capabilities in beyond. Now everyone can be an entrepreneur!

Who can join this program ?

  • Doctors
  • Medical doctor in training
  • Entrepreneur


RM 6000 (4 months)


March 2021
August 2021


  1. Management
    (Management Process, Organisational Management and Leadership)

  2. Accounting
    (Financing for Entrepreneurs)

  3. Human Resource
    (Human Resource Strategic Planning and Implementation)

  4. Operation Management
    (Service Management, Total Quality Management and Service Quality)

  5. Marketing
    (Branding, Marketing Strategy and Service Quality-Offline & Online)

  6. Coaching and Consultancy for Entrepreneurs
    (layout plan and clinic requirements)

By the end of this Program, you should be able to learn:

  • Planning a business layout (Management Process, Organized and Controlling).
  • Preparing the Financial planning and manage your accounts for your business.
  • Present your marketing strategy and plot your segmentation according to their demands and create your branding.
  • Full knowledge on basic business management to run your clinic sustainably.

HealthPreneur by Raudhah College

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