Junior Kitchen Explorer

A new Experience for kids

Junior Kitchen Explorer (JKE) is a special program organized by Raudhah College for this school holidays season! Your kids can explore their creativity by learning about the fun in cooking and the idea of  making delicious dishes in simple steps! Our chefs are overwhelmed to coach them personally, guiding them throughout the whole process. A fantastic learning experience not to be missed!

Entry Requirements: ​

Junior Chef Age Group: 11-17 years old


RM 399 (per person)
RM 499 (2 people)

Description: Learning and understanding the basic cooking skills and techniques while preparing main course dishes from Asean, European, and Middle East Cuisine!


A new Experience for kids

Learning and understanding the basic cooking skills and techniques

By the end of this program, your child should be able to learn:

  • Do’s & Don’ts while at the kitchen (Safety’s First).
  • Child’s independence & Presentation Skills.
  • Knowledge of using the equipment & utensils correctly.
  • The right cooking techniques from our chefs.

Junior Kitchen explorer

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