Raudhah College Story


Raudhah College Story

Raudhah College was founded in 2006 and previously it was known as Kolej Perkembangan Awal Kanak-Kanak (KPAKK). Initially Raudhah College was established as a result of the idea to ​​create a conducive learning environment for the less fortunate. Raudhah College envision children from all over the world that will be given the opportunity to learn in an environment that can nurture the values ​​and attitudes of the child into a skillful and charitable person, and eventually become a national leader.

Hence, it has become Raudhah College’s main focus since 2006 to set up a team of experts in drafting the Early Childhood Education Diploma curriculum and employing qualified and experienced teaching staff for this course. Here, we believe that early childhood education begins with quality educators.

Raudhah College’s hope here is to provide knowledge, training and educational experience relevant to early childhood education needs, earned at affordable rates and capable of forming quality educators and have future competencies.

Finally, Raudhah College would like to thank all the students who have graduated and are still pursuing the struggle. It is hoped that all students will always be committed in learning and always strive to achieve all the inspired ambitions.



“Success in both worlds”


To Provide An Adab-centered Environment In Which Students Can Deepen Their Knowledge Through A Customized Learning Process To Achieve Ultimate Success


1. Islamic
2. Virtuous
3. Knowledgeable

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